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Need to Know Before Payment

How to Buy?
Just add the items u want to cart, then check out, then fill in ur address(or your drop order address), 

Finally, click the ''place the order'' button is ok.

So we will receive your order in our system. We will contact you as soon as possible to complete your order.

Or contact us for by Click WhatsApp

to complete your order.

Payment method:

Paypal & Alibaba & Western Union

And We recommend you use Alibaba, which is more convenient

(NO cash app!!!! Those who ask you to pay with it are scammers.)


About Shipping:

>> If a product is suddenly very popular, its expected delivery time will be delayed, maybe a week or more. Thank you for your understanding!

usually, Without special reasons, USPS takes 14-21 days(Transportation before and after holidays will be very slow) !! Fedex or UPS takes 8-12 days.

also, No matter what express you choose, Orders usually take 3-5 days to prepare, depending on the number of products included in the order!

and Perfume or any other liquid package needs at least 3 to 4 weeks to transport, please wait patiently

Contact us:

Any questions feel free to contact us

through Click WhatsApp or Click Facebook.

Or email to us.Our e-mail address (

Usually, we will give you a reply within 12 hours.


my dear, As you know, they are always pretending. We can only know about her after receiving the feedback from customers. And there will always be new cheaters. One by one, we are very helpless about this.

and We have notified it more than once. Please only place an order on our website(Please do not pay anyone on Facebook) ,
and don't making payment through cashapp!!

any problem contact me by whatsapp (whatsapp:

Please contact me immediately after payment to let me know and avoid missing the order!!!

contact me by whatsapp (whatsapp:


Please remark ''drop order'' when u place the order, if it is ur dropshipping order, so we won't contact ur customer.

free shipping = link price including shipping fee on the site

u need to know it.


my dear, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We don't accept return and exchange and refund if it's because of the size of ur order, Please choose your size carefully before buying.

also, If you don't receive your package because you gave us the wrong address, we won't be responsible, hope u know it!

My dear, now the COVID-19 epidemic situation around the world has become very serious. The transportation time of USPS is 5-7 days delay than normal. If you want to receive your package faster, I suggest you choose FedEx option. If you don't see FedEx option on the website, please place an order and pay first, then contact me to pay more freight, and upgrade to FedEx transportation, Thank you for your understanding and support!


my dear, Please fill in sufficient detailed and correct address information before you place an order , if you do not receive your package in time, we will not be responsible because you fill in the wrong address information yourself.

>> dear, if u want ship by fedex of shoes and bags, just contact me by whatsapp

Recently, there are too many fake liar. In order to avoid being cheated, please make sure to place an order for payment on our website!!! 

and also is our website.

Except these two websites, the others are fake !!

or contact me by whatsapp (whatsapp: offline payment.


Please don't open the dispute !  Anyone who open the dispute will not sell u any products!

Please don't open the dispute !  Anyone who open the dispute will not sell u any products!

Please don't open the dispute !  Anyone who open the dispute will not sell u any products!

my dear, Please contact me for any questions or email e-mail address ( , Usually, I will give you a reply within 12 hours.

If you can't pay, please contact me by whatsapp:,as soon as possible !!


dear, If you buy more than one product, please give me your remark(color and size and quantity) as soon as possible. The earlier I get your remark, the earlier I will prepare them, and the earlier you will receive them!



Dear all customer, sometimes we ship out items separately just to avoid the custom fee, please understand, any problems, contact with me freely.


Payment method:
PayPal and Western Union

How to Buy?

Update iterms everyday, just place the order directly, then leave the remark let me konw ur opinion.


Q: What does give remark mean?

A: it means when u pay, give us which u want, color and size and more details. or just let me know by whatsapp or e-mail.

Dear, please give us a remark for ur detailed order when u pay it ,  color and size and quantity, so i can ship out the order correctly and successfully.

How to dropshipping?

When you get the order from your customer, just buy form us, i can ship out the order to your customer directly without any our information, u can earn the money easily and directly.

That’s the drop shipping link:

Any problems, contact with me freely,